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For further information on volunteering with EHRA and the desert elephants in Namibia please see attachments below.  Once you have completed the forms please email through to Rachel and Victro

If you have any questions about volunteering with EHRA please just send us an email.


Download this file (049_EHRA responsible tourism policy.doc)EHRA Responsible Travel Policy[ ]54 kB
Download this file (049_Volunteer Info Form.doc)Volunteer Info Form[ ]47 kB
Download this file (About EHRA.pdf)About EHRA.pdf[About EHRA]3147 kB
Download this file (EHRA 2018 dates.pdf)EHRA 2018 Project Dates[Project Dates 2018]52 kB
Download this file (EHRA 2019 dates.pdf)EHRA Project Dates 2019[ ]52 kB
Download this file (EHRA Annual Report 2014 web.pdf)EHRA Annual Report 2014[Details of EHRA's progress in 2014]3091 kB
Download this file (EHRA important info and kitlist (2).pdf)Volunteer Info Package[Further information on Volunteering]319 kB
Download this file (EHRA-elephant-safety-lowres.pdf)Elephant Safety Poster[Please download and print!]1724 kB
Download this file (PEACEflyer-online.pdf)PEACE Flyer[EHRA's PEACE Project Flyer]2987 kB
Download this file (PEACEflyer-Online_printfriendly.pdf)PEACE Flyer printer friendly[PEACE Project Flyer for print]2997 kB