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Donate to help conserve the desert elephants

burnt calf Alongside our water point protection programme, the main focus of EHRA's work to protect the desert elephants and help local people live in safety is education.  Our PEACE Project has become increasingly important and demand for workshops is increasing.  The photo on the left of a burnt calf was taken on 16th April 2013.  This shocking sight was caused by human actions and misunderstandings of elephant behaviour.  We work to empower local communities with the knowledge that they need about elephants to be able to live safely and without fear of the resident herds.

Funds raised in 2014 will be used to help run the PEACE Project and will also be used to help us fund the purchase of a new (used, but new to EHRA) Land Cruiser.  Over the past few years we have been raising money and thanks to previous treks and generous donations we have been able to purchase one new Land Cruiser for the elephant patrols, but the second 1980 edition patrol car still needs replacing!! The patrols are incredibly important to EHRA's work, to be in the field every other week to monitor the elephants and check for their well being.  This is one of the most important functions of the organisation.

We are also running our annual sponsored trek in September.  If you are interested in joining the trek please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to read the itinerary and see photos of past treks.

We will continue our fund drive through the end of the year and hope to raise enough to purchase the Land Cruiser by the end of the year and keep the PEACE Project running for the next two years at least.  Our aim is to be in the field, holding educational seminars on a bi-monthly basis. If you would like to donate, please follow the instructions below and make your donation today!

Our mission of lessening the human/elephant conflict and of protecting water points from the damage done by thirsty desert-adapted elephants can only be continued with your help. Thank you for assisting us in this effort with your contribution!

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Elephant Damage to House Namibia Elephant damage to Local woman's house seen here with EHRA's Mattias and Hendrick