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Volunteer Project – 4 March 2019

May 8, 2019

Thanks to Mitch from the UK for his feedback, enjoy reading about his time with EHRA!

Mitch enjoying apple crumble making

Describe the level of work from you during patrol week, compared to what you expected.

What a baptism of fire! Hot hot hot hot. Well organized camp site with everything you need, (except a shower). Chucked it down with rain for a few hours of relief. Hard but rewarding work.

Building week group photo

Describe the best, worst and most unexpected aspects of EHRA.

An experience that was well worth the effort. A few weeks of maybe making a small difference to the lives of people we have no connection with and asking nothing in return.

What surprised you the most about your EHRA experience?

I learnt that this is really a matter of education. By making a simple intervention like wall building it can benefit both local communities and wildlife.

When you arrive home and your family or friend says ‘how was your trip?’ What will you say?

I will say that it was a fantastic experience and that I felt that I’d made a small difference. Living outside in beautiful surroundings with exceptional up close encounters with elephants.

Elephants drinking at a water point (1)

Have you seen a wild elephant before? If so, where? If not, were they as you expected them to be?

Yes, Tanzania

Describe the best, worst and most unexpected aspects of being on kitchen duty.

Best – eating

Worst – washing  up

What were you most worried about before you came? Should you have worried about this?

Being the oldest in the group was a concern as a lot of volunteer projects seem to be a “gapyear” for younger people. Not a problem


What was your favourite experience during your time with EHRA?

Finishing a wall, hard building day. Close elephant encounters

Describe your experience of camping during Patrol week.

Great locations with everything we needed. Getting up early (I’m normally a slow riser) and going to sleep under the stars.

Fire family photo

Would you come back again? Please explain your answer.

Yes, but there are many other projects all around the world. I would certainly recommend this to friends.

Can you share some of the best/funniest moments you shared with the other members of the group?

I loved the multiculturalism of the group. Being English had its advantages, but communicating with other nationalities was fun, due to misunderstanding through language.

Describe Build week, compared to what you expected.

I knew someone who’d been with EHRA some time ago so I had an idea of what it would be like, but nothing prepared me for the heat and how tired I felt.

How would you describe your time with EHRA to a friend?

Same as to my family. As per previous answer. A lot of friends were jealous of my trip. I will encourage them to come.

Please explain how well you knew the other group members before you started and how well you feel you know them now:

Most of the group was entering their second period with EHRA having already completed 2 weeks. A good group that worked very well together.

Describe Patrol week, compared to what you expected.

A wonderful change from build week. Learning about elephants and tracking. I didn’t expect to see so much.

Lions (1)

What are the most important things you learnt during your experience?

To respect the wildlife and environment. Give the animals plenty of space.

Describe the experience of cooking outside over a fire.

Hot and smoky

How will you feel about leaving the Namib Desert and its elephants?

I have another 2 weeks but I will be sad to say goodbye.

What advice would you give to the next team about to start their adventure?

Relax, you’re on “Africa time”!

Can you give us 10 Hashtags you would use to describe your experience?


List your top 4 best memories during your time here.

Base camp, Living outside/sleeping under the stars, Elephant encounters, Finding Lions in the Huab

How would you describe your time with EHRA to a friend considering to join the project?

A well run organization worth their time and money. Do it!

If we had told you your selected date was fully booked, what would you have done?

Chosen an alternative date.

Was EHRA your first choice? What were your alternatives?

It came recommended by a friend who was here 10 years ago.


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