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Volunteer Project 21 Jan – 1 Feb 2019

February 9, 2019

Name: Hannah
Age: 20
Country: England

Had you seen an elephant before?

Yes, in 2005 and Kruger National Park.

How did you feel when you first saw an elephant with EHRA and where did you see them (was it in camp or  on build or patrol)?

Absolutely amazed. It was 3am at the base camp and they were eating the branches in the tree house. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

H3 (1)
Member of H3 having a munch

What did you learn about the problems of people and elephants living together?

The people are very scared of the elephants and the elephants can be very destructive. We need to work with villages and teach them how to co-exist with elephants.

What will you always remember from your time with EHRA?

Camping under the stars and not washing for a week! And the amazing hard work of the EHRA team and the difference they are making.

A patrol stop – lunch time!

Name: Mimi
Age: 22
Country: Switzerland

Have you traveled or volunteered before? If so where?

Yeah, I traveled to Australia 2 years ago. That was obviously another experience than here in Africa. I’ve been to South Africa for 2 months before I came here. I’ve never done volunteering before.

Camel Thorn Tree Namibia
A very old Camel Thorn tree. This guy is a big ‘un!

Was the experience with EHRA what you thought it would be?

I couldn’t imagine how the patrol would be like. But the build week was exactly what I thought it would be. I really liked to build the wall and do something with my hands, like the people here need.

How did you like sleeping outside?

I love it!

Sleeping under the stars in one of the best things ever! So beautiful! And Chris showed me how to take pictures with my camera (from the stars) even better         </div>
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