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Volunteer blog – 19th October – 30th October 2015

November 4, 2015

(The …… are words Rachel and Victro in the office cannot read from the blog!! If you wrote them please email and let us know!!!)

Volunteer group photo
Hello, Hi!
What a day! 3 elephant bulls(Voortrekker included) , 15000 year old wall painting and a wonderful trip through the ever-changing landscape of Damaraland. It is wonderful to know that you can share an epic time with people that you have met just a few days earlier – maybe a week ago but still sharing laughs, memories, Gin and Tonics and Marshmallows. Sorry for breaking your perfect stick….sharing the ….aerodynamic super chairs, the lovely Texan ….brought along, it has been a great day.

Volunteer pouring cement on rocks
Having enjoyed a beef curry in the moonlight – one day till full moon – and wondering if we might be visited by elephants tonight are just a few things I’ll fondly look back on when I’m back home remembering the first day of patrol week.
It strikes me with excitement to share this trip with a great group of people. Always keeping each other updated of things to see along the way, thinking of funny car games and sharing some awesome snacks while sleeping in the midday sun!
Day 1 of Patrol week – Great start! Looking forward to Day 2, more elephants, more ostriches and maybe one or two giraffes.

Volunteers resting

Tuesday, Lunchtime on patrol in the Ugab River. We have just watched a big bull elephant meander away from us, 100 yards to our right. I claimed him as “my elephant” – the first I spotted before Chris said “There’s an elephant”. Maybe I’m beginning to get me eye in.
Lunch, again, is cheese, ham, jam, peanut butter. You learn to make one slice at a time or the sandwich dries in your hand as you eat. The crusts are nearly toasted within 10 minutes.

Volunteers preparing for wall building
Today’s pee stop is the big camel-thorn about 30 yards to the left. We cannot use the denser bush in front of us as there is a young bull we passed a few hundred yards further down. He may decide to follow the old bull into the bush so we stay clear. We cannot use the denser bush behind us as there may be elephants there too. We have already seen how half a dozen elephants can disappear behind one dense patch. That would be a big surprise for a pee stop!
I find these rules comforting. Mattias and Chris know what they’re doing. I feel safe and so privileged. And yet not so privileged – proud that I worked last week in searing temperatures, building those walls. This is a small piece of heaven and I am so happy I took the plunge to be here.

Volunteers collecting rocks

YEBOOOOO! Had an awesome week with crazy Germans and a lot of mommy’s 
I want to come back! Braaing sausages with Chris!
A camp in the middle of the desert. How could I describe this week. A guide, who is more than crazy, a group, which gets messed up! Love it  What should be so nice to stay without wifi, electricity, and often to go to bed soaked with sweat!
I don’t know. I cannot say why it is so fascinating, but it was very nice because you have the feeling to help people.