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Volunteering with EHRA in Namibia

Elephant Human Relations Aid runs an award winning and well established volunteer project in Namibia, Africa, which has been running for the last 10 years. People from all walks of life have joined EHRA's volunteer project and made a huge difference to the elephant conservation programme. In fact many volunteers return every year for some more action! So why not join us and find out how satisfying and great fun volunteering in Africa with EHRA can be!

Volunteers by the big old Camelthorn tree

Why choose EHRA?

There are so many options for someone wanting to volunteer in Africa, that its really hard to find projects that tick all your boxes....lets see if we can convince you that our volunteer project in Namibia will give you one of the best experiences of your life, as well as making a substantial difference to the conservation of the desert elephants.


Kinky and baby female

EHRA exists solely to conserve the desert elephants and ensure safety and security for the communities who live with the local herds.

Volunteering to help the desert elephants in Namibia

It's hands on conservation, EHRA is a not for gain organisation so you can be assured your money goes directly to the cause and the volunteers are the most cruicial element in our conservation work.

Volunteers on elephant tracking patrol camp in Namibia

The volunteer project is back to basics living, cooking over the camp fire, sleeping under the stars all in with one of the world's most beautiful deserts as its background.

What a camping spot

You are situated in true wilderness and its highly unlikely you will see any tourists during your time with EHRA.

Volunteer leader with elephants namibia

You will learn all about the desert elephants of the region and witness them in their own habitat with highly knowledgeable, fantastic project managers.

Volunteer at EHRA Base Camp Namibia


We have a very special eco-base camp on the banks of the Ugab River which is also a favourite hang out of the desert elephant. Amazing people, amazing elephants, amazing landscape, amazing fun! - life changing!

Read more about how the volunteering project works here.


What do our volunteers have to say

We asked our volunteers feedback and here are some of the answers: 


" I had the time of my life. I really enjoyed my time with no cell phones and internet, sleeping outside, meeting new people, making new friends, learning about Namibia, seeing and learning about the elephants and being left with the feeling that I did something good for the wildlife."


"It was one of the best times in my life! Great country, amazing landscapes, people from all over the world, the passion of the EHRAS staff-Thank you for that!"


"EHRA is a passionate, common sense conservation project that is making a difference to both the desert elephants and the local people. In addition to this it provides volunteers with the opportunity to observe these magnificent animals in their natural environment. It also gives volunteers with an overwhelming sense of having helped to make a difference to the lives of both the elephants and humans so that they can co-exist peacefully. "


"It was the experience of a lifetime, I think about it every day and would love to come and do it again one day."





You can read more about the project from our volunteer reviews, our blogs posted every 2 weeks, or just contact us!