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Volunteering for EHRA

Helping to Solve Elephant Conservation Challenges

EHRA's Elephant Conservation Volunteer Project has been in operation for the last 12 years, and during this time, hundreds of volunteers have committed to volunteer in Africa, making a huge difference to the conservation of the desert-dwelling elephants and to the quality of life for thousands of Namibians.

Completed volunteer project around community waterpoint Namibia


The volunteer conservation project is the pinnacle of the organisation's existence, as volunteers provide the manpower and funding for the conflict prevention programme.  All types of people from all over the world volunteer for EHRA in Namibia, Africa, and the groups, which range in size from 7 up to 14 participants, are always a mix of ages.


Completed Protection Wall


Namibia is a beautiful part of Africa, and within it, Damaraland is probably one of the most stunning areas of the world.  Its desert-dwelling elephants are among the most special elephants you will ever see.  This project gives EHRA the opportunity to expose dedicated volunteer enthusiasts to its field work which offers each one a unique chance to make a personal difference and a real contribution to conservation and biosphere development in Namibia.


Baby elephant with mama


This is about real-life; conservation work in a harsh desert environment where small bands of secretive, desert-adapted elephants roam vast wilderness areas; where subsistence farmers who eke out an existence in the desert need all the help they can get to co-exist with the elephants who share their precious water resources.


Volunteers tracking elephants in Namibia


We hope you will join us in the desert, the place where your mind has to expand to fill the space!